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Your Home Extension In A Third Of The Time!

No Stress, No Fuss, Less Cost Than a Traditional Build

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Fast Track Build
Less Cost
No Stress
100% Guarantee

With Easyhome you can have your house extension completed in as little as 3 weeks. That’s a whopping 9 weeks less than a traditional build!

Even better an Easyhome extension actually saves you money when compared to a traditional build. To give you an idea a 3x4m extension typically costs around £35000 that’s a massive £7000 less than a traditional build, about a 22% saving. That’s your new Kitchen paid for!

Bifold or Sliding Doors Included

Open Plan Kitchen/Diner or Sun Room
Anything is possible

Whether it’s an open plan Kitchen/Diner with flush flooring through Bifold doors or simply a nice seating area where you can sit back and relax, Easyhome can give you that extra space you’ve been dreaming of.

You deal with us start to finish and as we are chartered you get piece of mind that you are in good hands.

No more worries about cowboy builders not turning up. Our tradesmen stay on site until the job is done. They don’t leave until you are completely satisfied.

We can do this because our multi-disciplined tradesmen are highly skilled in our state of the art fast track building system which means we don’t get held up when other trades don’t turn up.

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Flush Bifolds
Matching Brick
Modern Render
You Decide

With 1000's of brick and coloured render finishes available you can have a traditional or more modern feel to your new Easyhome extension.

Flush fitting Bifold or Sliding glass doors create an amazing visual link with the outside.

Whats being said...

Glenn Williams says:

This system was a no brainer for us. We can now design, get approved and build a house extension in a few months start to finish. Traditional builds were taking a minimum of 6 months.

Glenn Williams
Director Bluelime Home Design

David Gates says:

We were shocked how easy this system went up. Having completed many traditional house extensions taking around 12 weeks, getting this done in a third of the time was truly amazing. On one of our projects we were £8000 cheaper than our nearest traditional build competitor.

David Gates
Director Armadillo Contractors

Jeff Campbell says:

We are now recommending this system wherever we can. Not having to rely on different trades turning up is a god send. Now we can just get on with the job with no interuption. We dont need to leave site until the job is complete. Everything we need  is right there.

Jeff Campbell
Director Easyhome Extensions

With An Easyhome Extension You Get...
- Your house extension built in as little as 3 weeks
 - No Stress or fuss as its built mostly in our UK factory
- Cost savings as less time on site
- Better quality due to state of the art factory controls
- Lower energy bills due to super heat insulation
- No worries as our system surpasses Building Regulations
- Planning Permission Guaranteed
- Building Control approval Guaranteed
- No delays as a result of tradesmen not turning up
- 1000’s of brick choices to match your home
- Coloured render options that never need re-painting – ever!
- Fully installed and certified electrics, plumbing & drainage
- Loads of natural light with Bifolds and skylights included

Find Out How Much Time and Money an Easyhome Extension will save you...

Book your free design consultation now and you will instantly recieve our leaflet showing you how we do it. At your consultation you will find out all the pros and cons, how much it's likely to cost and what design will work best to give you your dream home.


What about Planning Permission?

Our fast track building system is made in the UK so you can be assured of quality and great service from our experienced professional team who are well versed in UK Building Regulations and Planning Permission restrictions. You get total piece of mind knowing that your (made in the UK) house extension meets all UK Building Regulation and Planning Permission requirements. In fact we’re so confident  we even  guarantee Planning Permission and Building Control Approval.


"Not only will you get your extension in a third of the time of a traditional build, we will also take care of all the other associated works like patios, internal walls, WC’s, Kitchens, drainage, structural openings etc. We take care of your whole project giving you a one-stop-shop so you don’t need to worry about a thing"

Jeff Campbell (Director Easyhome Extensions)

Want to know more?


What about Planning Permission and all the other approvals?

We have been designing and getting Planning Permission and Building Control approvals for years. You don't need to worry about any of this. We will get you all the approvals you need. Often Easyhome extensions are considered Permitted Development which makes it even easier. Even so we will still get you a Lawfull Development Certificate from your local Council which you will need if you ever go to sell your property in the future. We will also apply for any Build Over Agreements you need and get you Building Control Approval on completion of the work.

How much money will I really save?

Its hard to say exactly how much you will save when comparing to a traditional build as we need to see your property and get an understanding of all the other works you want done. However in the main we have been seeing savings of around 22%. That can be as much as £7000 on a £35000 project. But just as important is the fact you have less stress and inconvenience as we are only on site for a few days. What we advise is to book your free design consultation and one of our expert team will come out to your property explain what is possible and give you a much better idea of how much it will likely cost.

How can you build it so quickly - seems to be good to be true?

Yes it does seem like that sometimes but in reality its quite easy for us to achieve. You see we build most of it off site in our factory. This means we only have to assemble on site. We still need to do all the electrics, plumbing and plastering on site so it still takes time but we really can do it all in a matter of a few weeks! Just speak to any of our clients to find out how they got on. We also don't need to rely on other trades turning up. Our team of installers (normally 4) have their specialities but do everything between them and stay until the job is done.  Poor weather doesn't even slow us down as its watertight on week 2.

What about all the other work I need done?

This is often the case. Very seldom do we come along and its only the extension on the back to do. We will do it all for you. The structural openings, steel beams, kitchens, staircases, internal walls whatever it is you want. Our Designer will sit down with you at your consultation and work out how to get the most out of your house. This sometimes means moving things around inside, knocking walls down etc. We can take it as far as you want and we will flag it up if we think its starting to go above your budget. The key is making sure your project always remains affordable.

How do you get it to blend in with my existing house?

Whether you have brick or render finish on your house, we can match it. There is literally 1000's of bricks to chose from and we will help you chose. If its a render finish you want that's even easier. We use a coloured render which in effect has your desired colour impregnated into the cement. There are loads of colours to choose from but the main advantage of coloured render is that you never have to paint it again. So in effect its maintenance free. Whether  its a modern or traditional style you like, both finishes will look amazing on your Easyhome extension. Book your design consultation now to discuss the best option.

I'm worried it will feel like a conservatory?

It is definitely not like a conservatory. We are actually taking down more conservatories than ever before to make room for a new proper extension that feels part of your home. As you know conservatories tend to feel like a bolt on and are too hot in summer and too cold in winter. With your Easyhome extension you won't have this problem. In fact our buildings are so well insulated you often don't need any heating in them. They outperform a traditional cavity wall building and surpass Building Regulation requirements. They feel part of your home as we often knock through to form open plan Kitchen Diners.

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